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Job Search Assistance

The Employment Counselors at the

OhioMeansJobs Center - Athens County, The Work Station,

can assist with job searches, resume writing

and career development skills.

Job Seekers can work on online job searches

in the computer lab and check out the jobs board

for job openings from throughout the region.  

So come visit The Work Station, you'll be glad you did!


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Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Assistance
Employment and training assistance for youth, adults and dislocated workers. Program enrollment is limited.

Youth Services:  WIA calls for a year-round youth program that will provide employment and training opportunities to eligible youth through a variety of programs and services.
Eligibility: Serves ages 14 through 21 and requires that the youth is a low income individual; and is within one or more of the following categories:

  1. deficient in basic literacy skills;
  2. school dropout;
  3. homeless, runaway or foster child;
  4. pregnant or parenting;
  5. offender; or
  6. an individual (including youth with a disability) who requires additional   assistance to complete an educational program or to secure and hold employment.

Program Elements:

  1. tutoring, study skills training, and instruction, leading to completion of secondary school, including dropout prevention strategies;
  2. supportive services, such as transportation, child care, dependent care, housing, and needs-related payments that are necessary to participate in activities. Also, linkages to community services, referrals to medical services and assistance with work attire and work-related tool costs, including such items as eye glasses and protective eye gear;
  3. paid and unpaid work experiences, including internships and job shadowing;
  4. occupational skill training;
  5. summer employment linked to academic and occupational learning;
  6. comprehensive guidance and counseling, which may include drug and alcohol abuse counseling and referral;
  7. adult mentoring for a period not less than 12 months;
  8. leadership development opportunities, which may include community service and peer-centered activities encouraging responsibility and other positive social behaviors during non-school hours. The development of leadership activities might address team work, decision making, personal responsibility, and citizenship training, as well as positive social behavior training in areas such as positive attitudinal development, self esteem building, issues of cultural diversity, work simulation activities and other skills and attributes that would help youth lead effectively, responsibly, and by example;
  9. alternative secondary school services;
  10. follow up services for not less than 12 months after completion of participation, which may include leadership development or supportive services.


Adult & Dislocated Worker Services:  This program provides individuals with the employment and training services needed to obtain a job or to find a better job. Individuals must receive core and intensive services before training dollars will be allotted.

Eligibility: The general public is eligible to receive core services through the WIA program. These services include, but not limited to: resume preparation, job search and placement assistance, employment statistics information, initial assessment, information on various community programs and services. If unsubsidized employment is not available after core services have been offered, access to intensive services may be available to the individual where focus is given to helping individuals gain employment. Public assistance recipients and low-income individuals are given priority for intensive and training services.

Available options under training services are determined by demand occupations. A case manager at The Work Station will assist with this determination , based on an individuals's needs. These criteria must be established in order to receive training services through the one-stop delivery system: meeting eligibility requirements for intensive services; being unable to obtain or retain employment through such services; determined after interview, evaluation or assessment to be in need of training.  Once eligibility has been determined, an Individual Training Account (ITA's) is started. A maximum of $5,000 per participant, per year, for training has been established by the Athens County Workforce Policy Board.